Friday, 23 January 2009


Anonymous said...

I have a few issues with this one. Namely:

1. Why is he fat?
2. What's with the stone fences in all your cartoons?
3. Norm needs a psychologist.
4. Who'd be faithful to such a fat, unruly git?

Brian Hughes said...


"1. Why is he fat?"

Because he eats too much, I suspect.

"2. What's with the stone fences in all your cartoons?"

They're called walls.

"3. Norm needs a psychologist."

Very probably. Unfortunately alcoholics usually prefer the bottle to the cure.

"4. Who'd be faithful to such a fat, unruly git?"

Far too many women lacking in self esteem.

Daisy said...

Having been married to a "humorous" drunk myself, I can tell you that's pretty much just the way it happens.

Brian Hughes said...


Indeed. If only the world was really as pleasant and rose-tinted a place as sit-coms like Cheers would have us believe.

LaLa said...

Norm's pal in the first frame must've been acquainted with the pontiff!

Brian Hughes said...


I'm amazed you could actually read that. Even blown up to full size I was having difficulty remembering what it said.

LaLa said...

Just making use of my good eye sight while I have it.

Liver cancer a bit too good for Norm and the like.

Brian Hughes said...


I ruined my eyesight reading the small print in free-website terms and conditons contracts by candlelight in bed.


Anonymous said...

FFS RVB - nobody sane has 'issues' with a cartoon.

if you don't laugh, then move on, toward psychotherapy perhaps, and with my kindest hope.

I laughed.

Laughing is good.

That's what many cartoons are for.
Even the serious ones make sane people laugh.

Brian Hughes said...


"That's what many cartoons are for.
Even the serious ones make sane people laugh."

Except for the Flintstones, of course. I've no idea what the purpose behind that is.

Ann oDyne said...

The Flintstones was Waiting For Godot meets 'The Honeymooners' - Art Carney and Jackie Gleason.

Poor RVB - no sense of levity. I hope there is therapy for that.

Brian Hughes said...


I think it might just have been a Reuben wind-up. (Possibly getting himself ready for Rag week.)

Anonymous said...

I was committing an act of tomfoolery...but with the addition of one bottle of Whisky.

Most of Brian's cartoons are excellent, but this one annoyed me for some reason.

Brian Hughes said...


I'll be absolutely honest here, I can't stand any of my cartoons. That's why they're called Scrag seemed appropriate.

John said...

Honestly, I don't like this one either, but that's because it does what Brian says, and that is to remove the 'glamour' that the average sitcom gave us at one point. In reality, Cheers would be a rather sad place to an outside observer.

I'm not crazy about political cartoons, either. A good cartoon can say something meaningful, but only if you're ready to listen, and these days I'd rather have a light laugh.

Bring back the Thai Ladybugs, Brian, and I wil laugh 'till I pee.

JOHN ":0)

PS Word ver. says 'retrac'. Is that someone's way of telling me to take back what I said?

As if...

Brian Hughes said...


I completely agree. The older the I get the less I find myself caring about religion, politics, and all the other great moral debating points of life. I reckon the answer to everything lies hidden away discreetly in the trivial bits...especially those that involve a trowel, a bag of butties and a long lost roundhouse.

Maddy said...

I don't know which is funnier [newbie visiting from Jayne] the strip or the comments.

Brian Hughes said...

As the bishop said to the actress...