Friday, 27 June 2008


LaLa said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Some people need more than one rectum!

Daisy said...

Hang on a second, Brian...let me check.


Brian Hughes said...


Apparently some people (and here I'm thinking of Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister) already have.


What are you doing looking at my arse?

Daisy said...

Hey, you practically issued an invitation. A girl can't help herself sometimes.

Davo said...


Brian Hughes said...


Well, I must admit, it's not hard to miss.


Isn't that a shop in Soho?

JahTeh said...

I want my own cartoon, I don't have a belly button.

Daisy, be careful, the backend of Hughes has been classed as a weapon of mass.

Brian Hughes said...

"I don't have a belly button."

That's because you were hatched.

Dysthymiac said...


and oh I do miss what HighRiser would be saying here


Brian Hughes said...

Whatever he'd be saying, it'd be more interesting than the actual cartoon.

Dysthymiac said...

" ... and here's a blogspost I prepared earlier ... "

HighRiser has landed back in the Land Of Aus and now we discover -
"I am not sure if everyone realised, but the already published posts about our holiday were all written in advance, based on stereotypes and set to be published on certain dates. I won't go back to them and address comments, but I was quite excited when overseas and I read the comments. I had very limited access to the net. Just a hotel in Singapore, a public library and a home pc where I did not want to leave any history apart from secure email."

so that explains that then. I was really worried about all that talk of ill-placed mattocks.

Brian Hughes said...


For all I know Andrew might have visited disguised as a cow. I haven't spotted any bovine weilding cameras recently, I must admit, but you never know.

That's So Pants said...

Hi Brian

Re physiology of British PM - presumably extra rectum is where most of us have a gob.



Brian Hughes said...


No...the one where his mouth should be is his main rectum. The other fifteen or so are collectively known as the cabinet.