Friday, 6 June 2008


LaLa said...

Did you have a pet mouse when you were a kid?

Brian Hughes said...

No...but there's plenty of 'em scurrying around in my attic. They keep the cat amused for hours.

LaLa said...

I had a squirrel in my attic once, it chewed a whole through the slanted wall in my bedroom. It had to be eliminated!!

Bwca said...

oh Lala - the poor squirrel!

I hope he is/was not connected to
Simon The Torrerist Mouse ... or you will have to watch your back.

If mice is the plural of mouse
is rice the plural of rouse ?

Brian Hughes said...


I hope you eliminated the slanted bedroom wall as well. I used to have one of those and I was forever banging my head on it when I woke up in the morning...possibly the afternoon. This probably explains a lot of stuff.


The proper plural of 'mouse' as anybody who's ever watched Pixie & Dixie will tell you, is 'meeces'

John said...

That was totally pointless, tasteless, and shameful... unless of course you did have a point, which would then make it tasteless and shameful.

You give the impression that you not only woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day, but you stepped into slippers full of cat spit, banged your head on the sloped ceiling, and then, after realising that you were out of coffee, the day got worse. At which point you sat down at the drawing board to take it out on the rest of us.

Honestly, I don't know whether to be insulted or not.

What happened to all the brilliant, masterful, and intelligent Scrag Ends that I remember from my misspent youth?

Sigh, JOHN :0o

Brian Hughes said...


What happened to the brilliant, masterful and intelligent Scrag Ends from your youth? I can only assume that you hit middle age and sobered up...

John said...

See? Now that's funny. Still, where is the Scrag Ends with Conrad's drinking problem, or my all time favorite, the Tin Woodsman's practical joke? I'm laughing just thinking about them!

And were there not some Thai Ladybugs?

Gee whiz, but I wish you took requests :0)

JOHN :0)

Brian Hughes said...


They're all on my hard drive but slowly getting deleted as each one is posted here. I'll dig one of 'em out for this weekend if I remember. I need to wake up properly first.

John said...

Why would you even joke about deleting a comic panel that rivals the Far Side itself, and any other comic out there?

You scare me sometimes!

JOHN :00

Brian Hughes said...

Who's joking?

Ann O'Dyne said...

did you notice I thoughtfully mispelled 'Torrerist' so that the EMi6 spybot wouldn't find this thread and think we were planning anything.

So, reece is the singular of rice?

Brian Hughes said...

No, rice is already singular. The plural of rice is gut rot.