Saturday, 3 May 2008


Ann O'Dyne said...

Mao and his Mouse.
beautifully drawn.

The Little Red Book reference has, unfortunately, reminded me of another Little Red Book,
which was distributed round Australian secondary schools in the 1970's
( by some political/civil liberty group)
for the use and edification of teenagers ... AND .. the community went apeshit.
totally troppo.
knotted knickers.
Apparently they thought it was appalling to advise teens on contraception, among other things.
god it's a funny world.
and Mao's Mob have got an outbreak of some weird disease just in time for the olympix.
To 'save face' they'll probably stamp it out by just shooting anybody who coughs.

it's the poor chinese chickens I worry about. god knows what they are doing to the poor chickens.

Brian Hughes said...

"...the community went apeshit."

Well, kids and teenagers don't need to know about contraception and STDs and stuff. Just so long as the Catholic priests take the necessary precautions before hand, they'll be perfectly all right.

Jayden said...

With the amount of black books floating around out there methinks it was inevitable.

Brian Hughes said...

Chairman Mao, I believe, had a large collection of 'em himself. Most of 'em contained notes about the various dreams he'd had...and one or two had the designs for his new kitchen in 'em...but still.

DaisyJo said...

With a head that big, I'm sure it wasn't a long list.

Nicely done!

Jayden said...

By not a blog I was merely indicating towards something that isn't a large advertisement for sex. :P

This is plenty a blog for me, I really enjoy comics so i'll be staying even if you don't consider it a blog-of-sorts.

PS. By one minute I meant 15.

Brian Hughes said...

Daisy Jo,

Big head or not, when you've got the sort of power that Chairman Mao had, looks don't even enter into it.


I tried searching for fellow 'bloggers' in my home district. Out of the 250 or so that came up, 200 of them had never blogged a thing, 20 of them had blogged once or twice then died or something, and the rest...well...once I'd struggled through the illiterate grammer and incredible spelling, there wasn't anything left worth reading. Not sure if that's a reflection of bloggers generally, or just the plebs round my neck of the woods.

Jayden said...

Yes, it's quite probably that many people try their hand at blogging then decide it's not for them.

it's also highly probably that they get bored or can't be bothered after the first week of it -- like me, but it's all in the routine. (I've hit a PB of a week this time and the end isn't in sight)

Brian Hughes said...


It helps if you have psychic powers and can predict the future so that you can write blogs off line and store them up for a rainy day. Now me...I'm cynical and jaded. When I used to write a proper full-bloodied blog, I'd generate generic postings well in advance ("Isn't 'insert politician's name of choice here' a total twat?" "What a load of crap 'insert name of television presenter here' was talking last night" "I see that 'insert royal family member's name here' has been humping the maid/butler 'delete where applicable' again!") and fill in the details at the time of posting. That way it looked as if I was actually keeping abreast of events.

Not that I'd ever do that nowadays, of course. These cartoons are all freshly minted on Saturday morning...honest.